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Chinese car LCD and relative products supplier!!!

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  • Chinese car LCD and relative products supplier!!!

    I am a Chinese car LCD and its relative products supplier. Currently we can provide 5 inch to 15 inch LCD panel and all of their relative products, like car TV, indash MP3 player, toch screen, roof installation, inverter, remote control, etc. But I am not sure what is the requirement of American customers.
    If you can tell me what kinds of products you are looking for and how much you can accept, I will be very appreciate it. In the meantime, I will give you most competitive price for our products.
    Our product has very good quality and broadly product supply.
    Your question and requirement will be prompt reply,
    thank you,
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon,
    General Manager
    Zhoqia Inc.,

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    The product that is in highest demand is an 8" - 12" LCD VGA touchscreen. The only game in town is an overpriced $530 Xenarc.. so if you could beat that price by a good margin, you would have yourself some sales.


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      What most people want:

      7" 16/9 LCD (Composite PAL/NTSC) with a good TFT panel
      you found this one with a lot of differtent brand (pyle, startvision...) Price 180$ for china

      Cheap GPS (Rs232 or build in rs232 -> USB) like this one (Taiwan) sold by deluo price 90$

      Touchscreen 7" 16/9

      High resolution 7" 16/9 with VGA input.
      TFT like those one (840x480):


      SHARP Part# LQ070T5DG01


      Or complete:

      Please provide EUROPE. There's a hudge demand there...

      See (French)

      It's in french but if you have some good offer post them!
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        My interest is in a 7" VGA widescreen format screen (16:9) with or without touchscreen that is held in the car in the same manner as the 701L screen found here .

        Brightness is an issue, and the screen should measure greater than say 250-300 nits. to be useful in a car.

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          Moved to Classified. Multiple copies of this post spammed accross several forums have been deleted. The poster has been warned. Customers should keep this in mind as this person obviously has no experience doing business over the Internet, and has not even grasped the basics of netiquette.
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