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FS: MB/2Ghz CPU/1Gb RAM/80Gb HDD combo

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  • FS: MB/2Ghz CPU/1Gb RAM/80Gb HDD combo

    MB: Commell LV-670M mini-ITX mainboard
    CPU: 2Ghz Pentium 4 M (slim heatsink/fan included).
    RAM: 1 Gb DDR
    HDD: 80Gb SAMSUNG 2.5 Hdd, comes with regular IDE adapter

    Everything works great except a small problem with the motherboard: after being powered off for a long time, first time it boots up it has the on-board audio disabled. I think it's a BIOS firmware issue, not a hardware issue (I upgraded BIOS to v1.1 but no luck). It is annoying to deal with this, so only get this board if you are using a USB or PCI sound-card (then you can disable the onboard and you're in business). Other than that mainboard/CPU was very fast, significantly faster than a VIA EPIA.

    MB/CPU were only used for about a month. Motherboard has no backplate. Also, the mainboard came new with dead CMOS battery so I soldered a new one with wires, but it works great.

    Price: $150 + shipping (or make me an offer).

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    how fast does it resume from hibernation?


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      I'd say about 20 seconds, a few seconds less if limiting memory to 512. I think the most important factor is the speed of the hard disk, and this fairly slow (80Gb, 5400rpm).

      I can split and sell the HDD separately if someone wants me to.


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        Ok, let me try again before these go on ebay:
        $100 + shipping for MB/CPU/RAM combo
        $15 + shipping for hard drive


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