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    Jeff Mucha's famous MPBS1 is up for sale. I bought it thinking it was enough to power my system, but it appeared my celeron 400 was in a high power rating bracket. (23.7) So, in interest of recouping some of my losses I am going to start with just receiving offers but will post on ebay if no one here is interested. PM me or [email protected]

    Thanks Jeff, it fired up great, with no other components hooked to it!

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    I'll be outta town until Sunday, then I will reply to all messages!


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      *shameless bump*

      i'm gonna put it up on ebay thursday if no one is interested.


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        You got the MPBS1 50 dollars off and you are selling it because of a 400 mhz celeron? The celeron 566 uses 14 watts.

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          right, i read a link where the different processors used different levels even if they were lower, depending on which bracket they fell into. My 400 fell highest in its bracket at 23.7. On your site you have it here


          0.2Xu? Celeron 370-PPGA
          333 19.7 W
          366 21.7 W
          400 23.7 W
          433 24.1 W
          466 25.6 W
          500 27 W
          533 28.3 W

          0.18u Celeron 370-FCPGA
          566 19.2 W
          600 19.6 W
          633 20.2 W
          667 21.1 W
          700 21.9 W
          733 22.8 W
          766 23.6 W
          800 24.5 W
          850 25.7 W

          Otherwise, i would've LOVED to have it Jeff! If you're taking returns i'll do it that way if you would rather not have me resell it. I'm easy going, not trying to make a profit, just make my money back!


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            how much do you want for it? email me [email protected] I'm really interested


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              i've sent you an email.


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                I'll give you $95 for it

                Grand AMplifier Project 1.0:
                -Eden 800 mini-itx motherboard
                -5.6 NTSC TFT-LCD
                -80 gig hard drive
                -128 MB RAM
                -MPBS1 DC-DC PSU
                -PB Remote /w Girder
                -Media Engine & Windows XP
                -Playstation II also added
                -Steering Wheel Buttons modified for Control.


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                  Sorry, i have a sale pending now, if it doesn't go through I will contact you!