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Wanted: Anything ITX (case powersupply, mobo)

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  • Wanted: Anything ITX (case powersupply, mobo)

    Hey, Im starting off on this car mp3 player thing, got my datalux LCD, but I need a computer.

    What Im looking for is a ITX mobo, ITX DC-DC powersupply.

    Im in california. I live in Palo Alto, and work in Redwood City, and it would be great if I could buy from someone in my area. Please remove the PLEASE the DONT and the SPAMME from the email, and send me an email!

    [email protected]MEcom
    1995 SL stock
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    This is me being nice you can but the itx mobo at FRY'S the epia 800 c3 sells for $129 and the new epia m 900 is about 160. The only thing I ask is advise on how to powering my carupter.

    PS fry's has cases for them but i would just make it


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      Hmmmm, perhaps I should restate...

      if somone would like to beat the prices I would pay for the stuff new, I would like to buy it from them. Perhaps some situation where someone wants to upgrade, and get fair market value for their old stuff. I could also trade you my vga 10.4" datalux LCD (LMVR) its too big for my console area.

      Frys isnt bad at all, but is usually a better bet.

      Or from this forum:
      C3 $105
      60w-dc $35

      I mean, when I think about it, what am I thinking, I should just buy new

      Nowww, how to power your car computer... on the car end Im a newbie, but I been a geek for a while, so just let me think "out loud" on this one,

      Given current from the car battery = 12 volts
      You have 2 optiions
      1) Get a converter that converts the 12 volts from the car, into all the voltages you need for the comptuter, a DC power supply unit: psu. (the $35 link I posted)
      2) Get a DC to AC Inverter, which you hook up to your battery, and then you have a standard wall socket plug, into which you plug a regular computer power supply

      Why to go with option 1, a computer power supply that goes directly off the current from you car battery:

      1) Inverters make noise
      2) Inverters do not often provide "clean power" (basically, the power flows a certian way, in a sine wave from the wall socket, and the inverter often does a half *** job of approximating it.), this may cause your computer to be buggy.
      3) Inverters waste power.. not like this is an issue unless you have a major sound system or neon lights... but why make your system less stable when you dont have to.
      4) DC-DC power supplys are very small, Im going to mount my entire car computer ITX case power supply, hard drive and all in an old computer radio case.

      Why to go with option 2 and get an dc-ac inverter
      - if your lcd runs off wall socket power, you will need this anyway.
      - unless you have a super low power computer (epia) you will be hard pressed to find a dc-dc power supply that provides enough power. 60w will cut it for your epia... not for your p4.

      EPIA 800
      60w dc-dc power supply
      laptop hard drive (shock resistant)
      1995 SL stock
      Working On: GMAT
      Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd


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        Step one: Draw a PLAN of what you want your carPC to have. List out all the parts you want to put in there.

        You -really- need to know this so that you can choose everything else accordingly. A 60w DC-DC power supply can only support 60w worth of equipment:

        Via Eden mobo,
        Ram chip
        ONE hard drive
        ONE slim CD drive
        -maybe- a floppy too


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          The DC-DC adapter for $35 you posted the link to is the same one supplied in the Casetronics 2677 case, and has been posted before. mini-ITX is a recent addition to the form factors lexicon, and as such most of us are just now upgrading.


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            I totally do not mean to imply that I found that link, I hope that was clear in my saying I found the links "Or from this forum:"

            Forgive me... Im not entirely sure what you were saying though... Are you saying I should re-name the title of my thread, to
            wanted: Casetronics 2677 and C3 Mobo? Because the itx term is not as well recognised? That might be a good idea...
            1995 SL stock
            Working On: GMAT
            Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd


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              No, the title of your thread is fine, its just that itx has only recently been introduced, so you will be unlikely to find used components.


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                Ah, yes, well, you are totally right, I have not really been able to find any itx anything used.

                On the other hand, after doing lots of reading here. itx may not be my best bet...

                1) The powersupply on the ITX is not really built to work in cars.. which is not to say it never works.. but its built for a stable, clean 12V. These psu also dont have any features that say the opus has....

                2) The ITX mobo, while small... is not so powerful, and not so cheap, and unless I really need a tiny mobo, I could use one sitting in my old-parts-bins, and save money by not buying a new board, and get a more powerful machine.

                So, Im actually now thinking of getting an opus, using an old mobo, and getting a cheap 5.6" vga lcd. Just to start things off. Later on perhaps I could upgrade to ITX, or a VGA screen, but I could have a whole system in my car for $280 (180 opus, 100 lcd + old parts) next week. Its really tempting.
                1995 SL stock
                Working On: GMAT
                Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd