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WTB/FS/FT: Lots of stuff - laptop parts, older stuff, Mac/PC software - Look @ my WTB

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  • WTB/FS/FT: Lots of stuff - laptop parts, older stuff, Mac/PC software - Look @ my WTB

    Laptop Parts/Accessories
    - Xircom 10/100 Cardbus (PC card) NIC, included dongle - $17
    - Dell battery, works with the Inspiron line, some dead cells, lasts about 45min - $35 Price Drop
    - 32MB Notebook SO-DIMM PC100 - no idea on this one, make an offer
    - Actiontec miniPCI 56k v.90 modem - again no idea, make an offer

    Mac Software
    - Mac OS X 10.1.3 - includes everything that comes in the retail box, inc. a copy of OS 9.2.1, "Apple Support Card", iPhoto, and Developer Tools, ask for more info - $80 Price Drop
    - CorelDraw 8 for Mac - no box, just one of those fold-out cardboard CD cases, comes with manual - $30 Price Drop
    - ThinkFree Office Suite for Mac - compatible with MS Office - $30

    PC parts, Networking, and Software
    - Dell Pull AGP Geforce 2 GTS 32MB, all it's got is VGA out, never OC'd, 250mhz clock, 128bit DDR, memory bandwidth 5.3gb/sec, 25 million triangle/sec - $30 Price Drop
    - 2 hdd's (4.3gb desktop, 1x laptop 4gb) $17 for the desktop HDD, $24 for the lappy
    - Alcatel Speedtouch USB DSL modem, comes with some filters and original box/manuals/driver CD - $30
    - Belkin USB network thing, lets you network two PCs directly via thier USB ports - $40
    - Sealed OEM copy of Microsoft Works 2002, comes with an IDE cable - $45

    Other stuff
    - $100 Abercrombie & Fitch Gift Card - $85
    - Auto Park 2000, warns you if you're about to hit something backing up in your car - $25

    FT Only:
    - WD 20 gig HDD - want to trade for something larger
    - 10gb laptop HDD, want something larger
    - Of course everything in the FS section will be considered in trades

    Around a 40gig HDD
    PS2 games

    All of this stuff is in new condition (except the battery obviously), and gauranteed no DOA, will take pictures/provide more info on request

    Buyer pays actual shipping.

    LMK if these are too high, lowball via PM,
    Silver 1999 Nissan Pathfinder!
    Completion: [*********-] 90%
    Everything working! Mobile MP3s ROCK!
    LEFT TO DO: Improve power on circuit, fix slow boot time

    - 550mhz PIII on Abit BH6
    - 128MB RAM
    - 40x4 Backlit Character LCD
    - 17 key numeric keypad - Repainted buttons
    - 2.1GB laptop drive for OS
    - 4.3GB drive for MP3s Redesigned, new pics!