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Misc car stuff & not so car stuff for sale

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  • Misc car stuff & not so car stuff for sale

    Datalux LMV10R, Lcd is perfect, I have a touchscreen on it right now that has some scratches, which you can have, to remove/replace as you like. Figure, 10.4" lcd, w/ free touchscreen controller. $100, paid $200++

    300W inverter, no problems with this, but I bought an opus

    20" CRT. Perfect for car mounting $100

    40x cdroms, $10

    cordless dremmel
    $20, good for those in car projects... I got a power drill & use that now.

    bunch of over drive cpus... if your looking to upgrade your current board... pm me.

    4" high black metal locking cabinit, great for putting parts in.. good for that make-sure-girlfriend-doesnt-leave-you-because-of-parts-everywhere project. $20

    Im in palo alto, ca
    1995 SL stock
    Working On: GMAT
    Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd

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    hrmm, might be interested in the dremel - what does it come with, what sort of condition, and got any pics?
    Car: 1999 Dark Green Mustang GT Coupe
    Audio: Alpine HU, JL 6ch Amp, JL Stealthbox and XR series components.
    Player: Empeg for now; something custom later. - Custom built laptops!


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      what brand is the CDROM?

      Grand AMplifier Project 1.0:
      -Eden 800 mini-itx motherboard
      -5.6 NTSC TFT-LCD
      -80 gig hard drive
      -128 MB RAM
      -MPBS1 DC-DC PSU
      -PB Remote /w Girder
      -Media Engine & Windows XP
      -Playstation II also added
      -Steering Wheel Buttons modified for Control.


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        Im intersted in that inverter, do you have the brand name/model number?

        also, since you know the weight and stuff, how much to ship to 01609?
        Progress here: