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Wanted: Small MB that can handle Cel 1200...

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  • Wanted: Small MB that can handle Cel 1200...

    I'm looking for a small motherboard that can handle a Celeron 1200 and has 1 agp, and at least 1 pci slots. The main reason I want this is so I can try to fit my computer into my glove box/console instead of the trunk. I have a full size Asus CUSL2-C motherboard right now, so I would be willing to trade as well if anyone would prefer to do that. I've been using it since August with no problems, just that its full size.

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    Hunt down a Shuttle FV25 mobo. It supports the new Tualatin high speed P3 and Celery chips. It measures about half inch bigger than the mini ITX. It has a PCI slot. Beware that the onboard video doesnt support wide screen format like the FV24 does. good luck

    edit: wait nevermind you needed a board with AGP and a PCI
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    If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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      No this is good, thanks for the reply.

      I only wanted an AGP becuase I currently use a Matrox G400 and I'm happy with it If the onboard video was something equal or better I'd settle for it.