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FS all the parts for a carputer

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  • FS all the parts for a carputer

    I sold my car now and I needed to pull out the carputer I builted. I want to sell the whole thing, unless people are willing to take all the parts. You can disassemble the whole machine and put it into your own. Here is the spec:

    PII 233 with 192mb memory.
    9 gig hard drive
    ATI Rage Pro
    Logitech Trackman Live (wireless trackball)
    Floppy drive and DVD Rom drive
    Copilot GPS and Copilot 2003 software (great gps software - reroute, look up POI database, on screen display keyboard for entering info.)
    Matias Half size keyboard
    Keypower Inc 12volt powersupply to power this baby.
    Also a 1.0 farad capacitor so when you have the computer on and turn on the engine it does not reboot the pc cause of not enough power.

    I have spend a lot of money to put this machine togerther cause I wanted all the features but I needed money now so I sold my car and I have to sell this system too. I want to sell this as a whole package but if everypiece gets taken then I will break it up to sell. I am asking for $450 + shipping. I know it is a lot but it cost me a lot in the beginning to order all this. All the parts are in excellent conditions. Just the gps I spend $300, $180 for the 12v power supply, keyboard $99.


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    PMed ya about power supply and gps


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      intersted in the Keyboard mouse and gps... how much are you lookin for? also what speed memory is that?