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FS 3 Great Screens on Ebay, DS Customs

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  • FS 3 Great Screens on Ebay, DS Customs

    I decided to take a break from advertising the new stuff I'm going to be getting until the funding was actually arranged. Products have been ordered and in about 2-3 weeks I'll have a great variety of screens to offer to you mp3car guys and the rest of the world. And no, you haven't seen prices like this before, especially not for the quality I've got coming.

    But for now!!!
    Check out my auctions on ebay, I'm killing off my personal screens from the demo vehicle, 7" Motorized in dash screen, VERY BRIGHT one of the best screens i've seen, cheap cheap cheap ( I can get a lot more of these, and sell them to you guys around $375, if people are interested.) A nice big 10.4" flip down lcd for the truck, really bright, but not the best in the daytime. my new ones will be way brighter. This one is dirt cheap right now. And one last 5.6 indash. I found it while moving. Buy them while they last, or buy some new ones from me in a few weeks.
    For you VGA fans, I'll have the Xenarc (gain) 700TSV or YYV, depends on who is selling it, under $400. Only for mp3car people, so save your money!!! Thats the touch screen, VGA, composite video unit...

    Check out the auctions.

    10.4" Flip Down,

    7" Motorized In Dash,

    5.6" In Dash non Motorized,

    Thanks for checking it all out!!!
    Talk to everyone soon.
    Old School member!