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wanted: scan converter

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  • wanted: scan converter

    hey everyone, what im looking for is a scan converter that will turn my video output from my tv into a vga output so i can plug it into a projection panel, any one got one of these, or know a place they wont cost an arm, leg and a wang?


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    check the aitech web cable plus at for $66


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      why not use a cheap pc with video capture card
      atleasty for testing thatway if it dont work you dont have all this stuff that you have no use for

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        well how i see it, it is cheaper to buy a scan converter then to buy another pc with capture card, also if i just use a converter i dont need a pc, so there is no boot time as i will connect straight to the ps2 or dvd


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          I have one of these

          ONLY its one or 2 model revisions older because it only supports 1024x768

          From what I can tell the only thing thats diferent is that the older model supports less resolutions all the other features look the same. It outputs to rca or svideo, I have used both connections and they work. From what I read this is a good quality company/product. I don't use it however because I bought it to use with a head mounted display and I sold that. Now my pc has video out anyway.

          I tried to get a ball park off e-bay and the prices are pretty erattic. From what I can tell the newest model (1600x1200) goes for $110-150 and an older model then this goes for ~$80?

          If I can find all the components and they test OK, you interested for ... $75 shipped? I know I have the box cover but I am not sure about the box, I think I have all the parts in my closet and they should all be 100%.

          Any questions just ask I can tell you what I know from experiance ... also try and let me know yes or no because maybe Ill take the effort to sell it even if you don't want it.