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For Sale: DennisK - complete package

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  • For Sale: DennisK - complete package

    I got around to removing it from my car. It's all boxed up. If I get a taker here, I'll sell it here. If not, it'll just go on Ebay.

    Anyhow, it's a DennisK complete kit. 8.4" Sharp LCD. Inverter, touch overlay, touch screen controller board, touchscreen serial cable, etc etc. Everything you need to make it run. I'll even leave the cables hooked into the right connectors.

    Sorry, I don't have any pictures at the moment, but anyone that responds to this will probably know what a DennisK kit looks like (and if not, searching will yield many things). It's in perfect condition **except for one dead pixel. You may or may not notice it. It works fine most of the time, but will appear red on a white screen **. Just want potential buyers to know that up front.

    The complete kit is $275 (including shipping and insurance). If interested, drop me a PM and I will respond as soon as I can.

    BTW, this is ready to go. It's all boxed up.. just waiting for a buyer. Later!

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