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  • FS: Wireless Network Items

    Items for sell:

    1) Generic 802.11b 11mb Wireless Pcmcia $32 (100 pieces)
    2) Generic 802.11b Wireless Router with 4-port Ethernet
    $70 (50 pieces)
    3) Generic Router with 4-port Ethernet $40 (50
    4) Generic USB 802.11b 11Mbps Wireless Adapter $40 (50
    5) Generic USB 7 in 1 Card Reader with 20gb Hard Drive $190
    (25 pieces)

    If you are interested or have any question about any of these items feel free to email me at fallennite AT hotmail DOT com

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      do you mean you have to buy 50 (or 100) pieces or you have that many?


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        sounds like that's how many he's got.

        I have a few questions though:

        1) Even if it's generic, what's the brand?
        2) How about drivers? Are they the most current, do they work with Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP?
        3) Have you used these personally? How well do they work?
        4) How configurable are the routers?
        5) Do they come complete? (cords, antennaes, etc..)
        6) Do you offer discounts on quantities?
        7) Why are you more expensive than online stores, and not much cheaper than retail? (even for generic brand)
        8) What's the difference between a "802.11b Wireless Router" for $70, and a "802.11b Router" for $40?
        9) What kind of guarantee/waranty are you making on these sales?
        10) Oh, and what wireless chipsets are these NIC's based off of? (compatibility?)


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          Pcmcia cards info

          * Complies with IEEE 802.11b standard for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN.
          * Complies with CardBus standard.
          * Supports PC Card hot swap and true Plug & Play.
          * Works with all existing network infrastructure.
          * Complies with specific wireless products and services
          * Capable of up to 128-Bit WEP Encryption.
          * Freedom to roam while staying connected.
          * 11 Mbps High-Speed Transfer Rate.
          * Rich diagnostic LED indicators with Integrated Antenna.
          * Complies with Window 98/2000/ME/XP
          * Lower power consumption.
          * Easy to install and configure.

          * Standards IEEE 802.11b,Wi-Fi compliant
          * Host Interface 32-bit CardBus
          * Antenna Built-in Diversity Antenna
          * LED Indicators:LINK, ACT
          *Frequency Range 2.412GHz-2.4835GHz
          * Number of Selectable Channels
          USA, Canada: 11 channels
          Europe: 13 channels
          Japan:14 channels
          * Modulation Technique Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (CCK, DQPSK, DBPSK)
          * Security 0/64/128 bit WEP
          * Spreading 11 chip Barker sequence
          * Bit Error rate Better than 10-5
          * Media Access Protocol CSMA/CA (Collision Avoidance) with ACK
          * Power Requirement Operating Voltage: 3.3V
          TX consumption : 450mA (Max) RX consumption: 300mA (Max)
          * Physical Specifications Weight: 40 gDimension: 119(L) x 53.94 (W) x 6.88(H) mm
          * Environment Specifications
          * Operating Temperature: 0~65óJ ambient temperature
          * Storage Temperature: -20~75óJ ambient temperature
          * Operating humidity: 95% maximum (non-condensing)
          * Storage humidity: 95% maximum (non-condensing)
          * Supported OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
          * EMC Certification FCC Part 15 in US EN300328 and EN30826(EN301489-17) in Europe Japan-Telec in Japan

          i'll post more info in the next few days


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            i second the question of:

            8) What's the difference between a "802.11b Wireless Router" for $70, and a "802.11b Router" for $40?
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              mistake it is corrected