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Trade: Slim/Slot DVD for Reg Slot DVD

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  • Trade: Slim/Slot DVD for Reg Slot DVD

    I have this drive here:

    It has the bezel that comes with these as well.

    I also have the correct adaptor from OWC with the power connector already soldered on and a 3ft IDE cable ready to plug in.

    This thing is brand new, but my current system just doesn't like it for some reason. It performs perfectly with my desktop so the only thing I can figure out is it's my CarPC.

    It's been used less than 2 hours.

    I would like to trade it for a regular slot-loading DVD drive. Space is not a concern anymore, as I have tons in my console.

    Let me know.

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    Come on... someone's gotta want one of these bad boys!


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      I've got a pioneer 106s (is that the right one?) it's the slot load 16x DVD. What brand/model is that slim drive.

      I'd be interested, shoot me an email birrman54 at subzerotech dot com.



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        As long as it's a slot load DVD player it's all cool with me!

        I'll post the specifics here and send you an email.

        Here's the drive.

        Here's where I got it

        Heres the adapter pic courtesy of PTCruiser.

        Here's where I got it


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          Oh and it has 2 bezels... one that I broke and one that I didn't. I figure the broken one would be good for something. Maybe molding it in somewhere and then pop it out and stick in the good un****ed one


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            Birrman. Did you get the email and the specs?


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              I have a new pioneer slot drive I will trade you!
              I figure usually we are bidding against each other, we may as well do business with each other!
              Let me know, and I will trade


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                I just promised it to Birrman54. Like 2 hours ago. See? That's what you get for stealing my Kenwood deck!


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                  Well....I hope they don't work!!!!!!!!!!!
                  Good luck!


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                    heh heh heh... nothing like a good friendly rivalry, eh?