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pioneer laserdisc FS or trade

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  • pioneer laserdisc FS or trade

    i have an old laserdisc unit which a friend has given me. he works for an audio company who used this on their displays. i know its a dinosaur but maybe someone has use for it?

    its an LD-v8000 i believe by reading the model number from the pics. it is still listed on pioneers webiste. its a commercial unit. there is no remote for the thing but it does have an rs-232 port on it. it can be remote controlled via a network or from any pc. we have the users manual with all the commands for it etc.

    what do i want for it? my main interest would be a trade fro a DC-DC ATX power supply or some kind of LCD screen at this point. partial trades/cash considered for uneven trades. meaning if you have somethign worth $300 and i think this is worth $100 i may offer some cash to make up the diff. depends on what it is.

    if sold this outright i would be looking for $100obo it comes with a very strudy shipping case. all i ask is just make it worth my troubles to ship it.

    i have uploaded pics i have 4 pics total here if you want them all email me for them.

    thanks for your time.

    oh im in the DFW area 75008