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ATX shutdown controller kit / assembled for sale

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  • ATX shutdown controller kit / assembled for sale

    Hello friends,

    For those who dont know what this controller is.

    Connected this controller to your carputer and it shall be a blessing to your project this is how it works.

    In total the unit has seven connection and three pots.

    1) Battery (+12v from battery 24hurs a day)

    2) Ground ( negative from battery 24hurs a day)

    3) Out (connect to Inverter or dc - dc power supply)

    4) ACC ( connect to acc of the car or a switch for manual on)

    5) Pluse pin ( connect to mobo power on jumper positive side)

    6) & 7) on/off ( turns on and off the carputer)

    Pot 1 (marked 105)

    Pot 2 (Marked 504)

    Pot 3 (Marked 204)

    Detailed explanation:

    When you power the unit with +12v and negative (connection 1 & 2) from the battery the unit is charged and the relay turns on with red color Led lit at this time you will have to hit the on/off switch (connection 6 & 7 and turn the pot 2 till the relay turns off and the led goes off.

    Now you connect the Acc (connectoin 4 ) to the cars acc connection and when +12 is sent through this line the unit is charged again and the relay is turned on with the led showing that the relay is on and the out (connection 3 ) has +12v on it this is where you connect the inverter or dc -dc PSu. At this time the ATX psu of the carputer goes in standby mode once you press the on/off switch (touching connection 6 & 7 ) will send a atx pluse to the mobo asking her to start booting. I suggest you start the car before hitting the on/off switch.

    Now when you remove the key of cut power on the Acc line the unit waits till ~15 min can be set from 0~15min with pot 1 after the wait the unit sends a atx pluse to the mobo through connection 5 this pluse can also be set from 0~5sec using pot 3
    after this operation the unit cuts the relay in 0~3 mins cna be set using pot 2 thus giving enough time for the carputer to shutdown.

    Incase you turn the key back on in the first 15 mins wait time then nothing happens.

    If you decide not to wait for the 15 min for shhut down then hit the on/off switch after you remove the key and the unit will send the atx pluse immediatly.

    Extra features:

    40 amps automotive relay (can support any device)

    Onboard fuse (use proper fuse for your application)

    Input output capacitors for 7805 to help reduse ripples

    Reverse protection diode (polarity safe)

    All through hole part (no surface mounts so easy to solder)

    Main IC is mounted on a holder for easy replacement incase it needs replacement.

    Sized 54mm x 74 mm

    This unit is avaliable in kit and assembled form.


    shutdown controller KIT (all needed parts) ... 25$USD

    shutdown controller assembled ........30$ USD

    Shipping is free any where on Earth.

    Payment mode:

    no other payment mode is acceptable

    My personal details are here

    25 KITS and 25 ASSEMBLED units ready in stock.

    Images comming soon

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    So does this unit startup the computer automatically, i.e. from an ATX Pulse?


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      With ATX psu its always on standby so when you turn the key and power the ACC line with +12 it goes to Standby and then when you hit the on/off switch the mobo boots ....

      Answer to your question is yes.



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        So you still have to hit a button to get it to turn on?


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          Sounds very good.

          5) Pluse pin ( connect to mobo power on jumper positive side)
          6) & 7) on/off ( turns on and off the carputer)

          Can you explain me where these connections have to go.
          It will be more easy with some pics
          More info here---->


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            qjones you can set the bios to boot when power fail so this way the carputer will boot when its goes in stby mode.

            also if you want you can use the other option to boot manually so you have enough time to start the car and then boot the carputer.


            connection 5 is the pluse which goes to the +5 point on the mobo poweron jumper refer to your mobo manuall to find this jumper then use a multimeter to find which has +5 volt and conect this wire there.

            and the 6&7 are for a toggle switch which will work as on/off .

            Photos comming soon



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              does this work with Linux?
              24 y/o w/ Silver/Red
              2000 Honda S2000



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                Frankly i dont have a clue never worked on a linux

                But if it shuts down when you press the power button thenit surely will work ..


                Only 10nos left


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                  does this work just with a dc-dc power supply or could it work with a power supply using an dc-ac inverter from the car?:

                  12v car battery>>inverter to 120V>>ac power supply>>computer


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                    and will it also shut down the inverter, so it doesnt continue to draw power from the battery?


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                      It will work for both dc-dc and dc-ac (inverter)

                      Has a 40amp relay

                      Unrelaer :

                      yes it will cut power to the inverter so it wont drain any power from the battery.



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                        pics don't work


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                          here you go
                          Attached Files


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                            another great kit, mastero you rule
                            My cars


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                              new batch comming up ...

                              30nos to be exact first come first serve basis ....


                              Ps thanx jol