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    ---------05-27-2003 06:19 PM---------

    I'm currently talking with Kris at Opus about the possiblity of a group buy. As details become available I'll post them here. I understand many of you are concerned about this being "vaporware" but I have every confidence that Opus will not let us down.

    What I need right now is a head count of how many are interested. I'm posting a poll asking just that. Please answer honestly as I had many people join in and back out on the Xenarc deal.


    Skip Hoyer
    Mod MP3Car

    ------------UPDATE 1-----------------
    Alright, as things are becoming a little more concret on the group buy I need to get a little more specific.

    This is for the 90W ITX PSU that everyone is interested in. It will be for the fully enclose model. Price is TBA at this time. I do know this however. Opus is requesting that our entire order come on one invoice. That means one person is going to have to either front the money for the entire group buy (unlikely) or we are going to have to take up a collection and put trust in one individual (more likely).

    Since one person is ordering the parts, it is entirely possible that we could ship a few units to our overseas members. Those in the UK would of course have to pay for the extra shipping charges.

    When I hear back from Kris I'll update this again. Just keeping everyone posted.

    ------------UPDATE 2-----------------

    This is straight from Kris at Opus:

    There are few reasons why the ITX Project is being delayed..
    The main reason is that we had to divert our attention to an another related product that was crucial to OPUS and our vender delays in shipping parts for the ITX power supply project. We are sure to release the ITX with in few weeks and no more delays.

    Here is the MP3Car group buy info:

    One invoice, one destination.
    DCX3-1209 12V DC-DC PSU Board for ITX MB : $125 @ 20 pcs order.
    DCX3.1209.OP1 Remote option : $8

    Remote option can be used to turn ON and OFF slave devices. Such as Head Unit and/or the amplifiers. This option must be purchased with the power supply order.

    The shipping costs for 20 Units is $25 by UPS Ground.
    So as we can see, we're getting there. How does this work for everyone? As was stated earlier I am willing to hold the money or another individual can be elected. I'm not going to start collecting until these units are ready however.

    ------------06-17-2003 08:07 AM -----------------


    Are you all wanting me to handle the purchase? Here is what I would like. Send an e-mail to:

    [email protected]

    Title it:
    MP3Car Group Buy Confirmation

    In it please enclose your e-mail address, contact information, and address for shipping so I can start getting some quotes together. If you do not enter the title exactly as it is above, I will more than likely not see it as it will not hit my E-mail filter. If you've already PM'd me, I ask you to still e-mail me as I need all of the above infomation. I'll put together a mailing list and let you all know what Kris has to say.


    ------------06-19-2003 03:07 PM -----------------

    I just got off the phone with Kris. He states he has a sample of the 90w PSU he is currently testing. He expects his first batch to be ready by the weekend of the 4th. He advised me the delay is due to one of his parts suppliers and I believe him. Having run my own computer store for 2 years I know what it's like to be the middle man. As a matter of fact I find myself being one now.

    UK guys, I'm willing to ship to each of you individually or Terran can organize it for you. I'll be shipping via USPS to you guys as it will be substantially cheaper.

    US guys, You can pick your own shipping. If a couple of you are in the same town and want to double up on shipping that's fine with me.

    - Skip
    I'm Interested
    I'm Considering
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    im interested
    im looking to buy soon
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      I'll will be buying the 90W PSU as soon as/if it comes out.
      I might be interested in the other if the price is right.


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        Originally posted by Glyn
        I'll will be buying the 90W PSU as soon as/if it comes out.
        I might be interested in the other if the price is right.
        IF it comes out
        wasnt that due in january?
        2004 G35 Coupe project


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          90 Watt would be nice, but I'm up for a group buy for whatever size you decide on.


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            I'm interested, but have not done my research on PSUs yet.

            First of all, do they sell one that is compatable with a P4? They need another +12V line.

            Is 150W enough for me? I am still in the planning stages. I have not purchased any hardware yet. Except two monitors, neither of which will likely be used. I have plans for a P4 system, 512 DDR, 128MB AGP vid, 2 HD (notebook), vid capture card, GPS, touchscreen, WAN, at least 2 Usb cameras, USB CD combo drive, USB trackball, 2 USB joysticks (occasionally), USB keyboard, some unknown (as of yet) type of in/out card to control various items in the car (climate control, etc.), and possibly other things that I can't think of right now, or will want to add later.


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              i'm considering

              eCar, P4 are quite power hungery, and thats a lot of stuff.

              BTB , whats the capture card for?
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                Originally posted by Machs_FueL
                BTB , whats the capture card for?
                TV tuner.


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                  i want in too


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                    Is this only open to US/Canada ppl or would it be available to us ppl in Europe?

                    On a secondary question - does anyone know why Opus hasn't set up a European retailer yet - it doesn't make sense - so dumb!


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                      In for sure if it is the 90W.
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                        Whats the price for group buy?


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                          INTERESTED! Let us know more info!


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                            Ok, I've got enough people interested to start a group buy. I'll e-mail Opus with the results of this poll and get pricing. I expect the pricing to be around $160. I can make no promisses though. It might be more, it may be less. Also, they will all need to be the same unit.

                            Here's what I'm thinking:

                            90W ITX ready PSU's.

                            Also, in order for this to work, one peron is going to have to "hold the money" per-say for the buy as Opus needs all this on one invoice per thier original e-mail to me. I'm willing to do it, pending everyones approval.


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                              $160 for the 90W? Isn't the regular price for the 150W only $180? That means we are getting a group deal for the 90W, for the same price as it would cost us to get a group deal on the 150W?

                              I thought the 90W was to be cheaper than the 150W??

                              Just curious as the math doesn't add up to me
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