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Tips and Tricks To Prevent Getting Trolled

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  • Tips and Tricks To Prevent Getting Trolled

    Getting trolled is one of the most annoying parts of buying and selling on the internet, here are some helpful tips to keep you on top of the game:

    Have good communication with the buyer/seller, make sure you know his address and phone number before you complete anything, and verify his address/phone number (try reverse look up on

    If possible, attempt to pay via Escrow or Paypal, they offer buyer protection services that you do not have with a check or money order, plus a lot of times it is more convenient. Never pay with cash.

    Always ship with delivery confirmation or some form of tracking, insurance is also recommended and it does not cost much. Be wary of shipping to P.O. Boxes.

    Check the person's rating with eBay, Paypal, Heatware ( or Tech Monkeys ( If the person does not have any prior transactions, attempt to have the person ship first or have extensive information to ensure you are not trolled.

    Check common lists of known trolls,

    Already trolled?
    File a complaint online with the FBI:
    and if you shipped with the USPS:

    Most Attorney Generals' websites have similar tools to file complaints, as well as other shipping companies.

    Hope this helps you guys out.

    this is blatently stolen from genmay ( ) without permission but i thought it would be a good idea to have this here