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FT: (for trade) 10.4" Surface Wave Touch Overlay

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  • FT: (for trade) 10.4" Surface Wave Touch Overlay

    Well, I bought a 10.4" ELO Intellitouch Touch Overlay on e-bay. It uses surface wave technology which is pretty awesome since it never loses its calibration once its set. It's in perfect condition and comes with the controller, etc.

    My problem is its a bit too large for me. I have a 10.4" LCD, that fits in my dash fine, but this thing is too big for the hole I want to put it into. I understand ELO had another Intellitouch 10.4" thats a bit smaller (revision G). So, does anyone have a touch overlay they would be willing to trade for this one that is 10.4"? The size of this one is:

    Height: 210 mm (8.26")
    Width: 252 mm (9.94")

    So I would like one smaller than that.


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    Are you interested in possibly selling it? If so, pm me with your price (including shipping).