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WTB: Opus 150 (Or trade for my 250W Keypower)

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  • WTB: Opus 150 (Or trade for my 250W Keypower)

    I'm looking to purchase an Opus 150W supply. Just wondering if anyone was willing to sell one for less than $200 or trade it for my Keypower 250W ATX supply. According to Telek's calculator I only need 95W of power for my system (Athlon XP 1700+) so this seems like overkill.

    The Keypower I'm selling works perfectly.

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    i'm in the same boat....

    for a second i thought this was my post, but then i realized i didnt post


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      there is no such thing as overkill with a Opus PSU. Remember the PC's PSU will only put out waht the pc needs. If it only asks for 90 watts, thats what it will get.

      Get one on your hands wichever way you can, but it will be the investment in your system.

      edit: [insidejoke]NOT TROLLING[/insidejoke]
      What im curently listening to.
      My complete carpc setup


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        I mean having the 250W power supply, when i only need 100W of power, seems like overkill.

        Plus I like the Opus's features. I'm just hoping it will run my system without rebooting.