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WTB: OPUS DC-DC power supply 150W

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  • WTB: OPUS DC-DC power supply 150W


    Does any one have an opus 150W power supply for sale??
    Thanks.. =)

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      F**CKING NEWB Search and read before posting. Jesus Christ you guys are worst by the second. This is the third topic on the same GODDAMN PAGE!!!

      Get a clue NO ONE here is selling one, buy your own. Dont be cheap
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        Correct me if I am wrong. But isn't this classified section?
        I did my research and I thought that it would be great if I can get a quality power supply for less.
        Just because there was no reply to the previous post doesn't mean there was no communication. There are numerous ways to contact people other than the forums.
        I think it was your problem that you read this message to begin with. The subject is clearly marked "WTB: OPUS DC-DC power supply 150W" Which stands for Want To Buy OPUS DC-DC power supply 150W if you didn't understand it. If you were so desired not to see the same message again you could have not read this message. Obviously since you don't have the power supply or have the willingness of helping me, this message wasn't for you. Also I am not the same person as those other two guys. I want my own power supply. =) Since you helped me out with the fact that there is no one out there who is selling the power supply I may just design one myself. Thank you..
        By the way.. just because it says MP3car newbie, doesn't mean that I am a newbie. Be aware....... =)


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          This is the classified sections, your request was just fine. Some people just have there panties in a bunch.
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            osirisdon you need to learn to keep your little fingers from typing
            things if you don't truly want to help. Being an ******* just makes you look bad to everyone. also calling a person a newbe when not sure 100% is a low blow. Posts don't = knowledge. i been a member since 2001 but i use a new nick. witch = the low post count.
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