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FS: Various car audio bits for sale.

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  • FS: Various car audio bits for sale.


    I have the following for sale that I had partially installed/planned to use in my car audio setup:

    Unboxed Panasonic removable head unit stereo (Model FX65) includes manual and remote control.

    Unboxed Panasonic 8 Disc CD changer (Model DP801) that goes with the head unit above.

    (All leads/wiring loom is included) all working when installed.

    Pair of unboxed Infinity Kappa green 6x9's with original grille and logo's etc, great condition work without a fault.

    Brand new boxed Infinity Kappa green 5" component set (Never got around to building the door pods )

    I dont want a tremendous amount for the above as I am unlikely to use them again, so 120 for Head unit and CD changer, 80 for the Infinity Kappa comp set and 6x9's (not inc postage).

    I have various references inc Ebay if anyone is worried about this being my first post (I was linked to the forum earlier today about another topic).

    If you have any questions please let me know.

    Thanks Matt

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    ok, few questions, is that 120 for everything?
    and on to what im really interested in
    Brand new boxed Infinity Kappa green 5" component set (Never got around to building the door pods )
    is this a 5.25 inch component set? or just 5. if its 5.25, im very interested. would you be willing to part that part out?

    let me know
    Progress here:


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      I want the infinity sets if you will ship to the US...
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        Hi Guys,

        The Infinity Kappa Component set is this one:

        50cs 5.25"

        (not my auction but you get the idea of what it is.. )

        I have no problems with posting items to the US as I have done it before, but the component set and the 6x9's are quite heavy so the postage cost probably wont be to favourable.

        The 120 was for the Head unit and CD Changer alone, I wanted 80 for the comp set and 6x9s - edited the page.

        If you guys can let me know by PM if you are still interested then maybe we can work something out.



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          you got mail on the infinity set
          Progress here:


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            You got PM
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              All PM's replied to.