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Ebay: Complete Car Computer - MP3, WMA, GPS, Auto PC

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  • Ebay: Complete Car Computer - MP3, WMA, GPS, Auto PC

    The auction is for a very small computer that was designed and built to run in a car. The parts for the computer were specifically selected so that they would run directly off of the 12 volts of a car battery, without the need for an inefficient power inverter. This computer is fully assembled and ready to go. Once you supply a 12V powersource (such as power from a cigerette lighter), the computer powers up and is ready for use on the road.

    This car computer was puchased and built to run in my Nissan Pathfinder, but payments on my summer water hobbies require me to sell this.

    The car computer and all included parts work 100%.

    The computer, case and all included equipment are in mint condition. All of the listed parts are less than 2 months old.

    The car computer is currently running Windows XP Professional, but you are welcome to install the operating system of your choice.

    The car computer package is very small for a full fledged computer. The dimensions for the case with all included parts installed are:
    Width: 7 1/2"
    Length: 8 1/2"
    Height: 4"
    The auto PC can be safely run lying flat, or up on it's side depending on the space in your car/truck.

    If your interested and would like more information and specs, you can visit:
    Car Computer Auction