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Tons of stuff (need cash, got laid off)

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  • Tons of stuff (need cash, got laid off)

    6.5" LCD and Controller


    -6 qty 32MB Qestec EDO 72pin Simm $20
    -1 qty 64MB Qestec PC100 Dimm $5
    -1 qty 128mb Hyundai PC100 CL3 - $10
    -1 qty 128mb Generic PC100 CL2 - $10
    -1 qty 128mb Kingston PC133 - $15
    -1 qty 256mb Kingston PC133 - $25
    -1 qty 256mb Samsung PC133 CL3 - $25
    -4 qty unknown size generic dimms $10
    (these are most likely 64meg maybe 128 no idea)

    Laptop Parts:

    -1 qty Libretto 50ct plastic kid includes base, top, mouse, lcd cable set
    -1 qty Libretto 50ct motherboard. p75, 810 hd, 32 ram.
    -1 qty Dell Inspiron 8000 base (no lcd). pIII-850, 256 ram, 20gig hd, 24x cd / dvd rom, 32meg ati-M4 video, firewire, 2 usb, mic, stereo, line out, ac adaptor. It has windows XP installed, all it needs is a new battery. It currently has one but it won't hold a charge anymore (this is the perfect mp3car system all you need is the dell DC->DC adaptor and then its just plug and play in the car no worries! - $300

    if you want pictures of anything let me know..... I can post them
    -- WireSix, Inc. --
    MP3Car Lives Here!

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    If the LCD and controller are still available I'll take em!


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      yes they are, I'll pm you
      -- WireSix, Inc. --
      MP3Car Lives Here!


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        lcd is sold! thanks... now how about someone buy the rest of this stuff
        -- WireSix, Inc. --
        MP3Car Lives Here!


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          check pm///


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            Wow, that sucks... another one for the record books. Gota stop wroking for web-related companies.

            And with that sad note, ny dreams of never having to leave my home to buy food dies...

            Hey maybe that "live, work, play, shop" thing that backed up traffic for months by 14th street will offer a glimmer of hope to my lazyness.
            Techonlogy on Wheels