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FS/FT: AMD Easynow PC 12v/5a Input

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  • FS/FT: AMD Easynow PC 12v/5a Input

    Just wondering I had this laying around and wondering if anyone would be interested. Comes with a 533mhz AMD k6-2 and 128mb RAM. No HD. As far as power I do not have the AC adapter, for I was going to use in car. It requires 12v at 5a to run. Perfect if you build a regulator. There was someone from the forums who built a machine and hooked direct to battery, though I still advise regulation. The PC is also very slim in you remove case. The following picutre is an exapmle of what one looks like Easynow PC . If you have any questions let me know. As far as sales, looking for $50 plus shipping but make offer if interested. Also looking for laptop hard drive, VGA LCD, EPIA mini-itx stuff. I would include payment as well as product when working out trade.