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For sale or trade: Epia 800 and 256MB SDRAM in Oz

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  • For sale or trade: Epia 800 and 256MB SDRAM in Oz

    hey everyone, as a few of you know already, ive sold my car and have been meaning to do something with these for a while now, but instead ive opted to build a desktop, as my current one is dying quick.

    so what i have is:

    Epia Mobo 800mhz, now anyone that doesnt know this mobo really should. The thing is tiny and practically build for cars. Sound, Video, composite, digital sound (never used) outputs, and is just a great little mother board. Did i mention it's extremly small?

    256MB SDRAM, not sure who the manufacturer is, ill find out and post it.

    Things i would consider for trade or partial trade;

    DVD burner,
    Hard Drive (80gig +),
    LCD Monitor (suitable for desktop),
    really any hardware i might need.

    Or im open to offers



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    how much for just the motherboard? I also have 2 brand new 40gb 7200rpm hard disk drivers here still in sealed packet if you are interested in those. Also have a hp scanjet 5300C in perfect condition.
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      im interested in the scanner,

      ill give you the mobo and ram for the scanner and $50

      shoot me an email if interested, arka AT deakin DOT edu DOT au


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        email sent
        CarPC: Currently in progress...


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          do you still have a receiplt for the motherboard (under warranty still?) or has this been sold yet?
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            sale pending, will post if falls through, other wise, consider items sold.



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              i have not heard anything on from aphesis after his initial email, so i guess this is back up for sale,

              The price is $150 for the mobo and RAM, or $200 with a 60gig harddrive.

              Aussie prices.


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                no, its not under warranty anymore, sorry


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                  email sent. Sorry for the late reply.
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                    mobo no longer for sale.

                    Harddrive still for sale, or would consider trades for PAL xbox games