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  • GROUP BUY: Lilliput TM-701VGT LCD

    EDIT: I'm back and have started taking payments. I've adjusted the price +$10 to account for the cost of my overweight fine in China.

    EDIT: Previously posted model TM-701VGT. Changed model number to reflect Lilliput's model number 618GL-70NP(XGA) .

    UPDATE: Lilliput apparently changed their model# from 618 to 619. I'm asking if this affects the price and what was changed.

    I'm going back to China this coming month and am presented with an opportunity. I am in contact with Lilliput directly. I'm getting volume discount on the 618GL-70NP(XGA). So enough background, on with the price

    618GL-70NP(XGA) w/ touchscreen
    1 VGA input
    2 RCA inputs
    Price: $230 (my cost)
    S/H: $10 to US, email me for other destinations
    estimated shipping to UK (and maybe other europe places) $30. if you want in, I'll charge you exact shipping cost.

    Deadline: Nov 19th

    my email: [email protected]

    Reply or email me to reserve one by Nov 19th. Once I return from China (December 8th), I will take payment by Paypal/check/money order.

    List :
    Krystar - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH (almost forgot to put myself on the list)
    [iG] - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    Shaar - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    Frogbutt - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH + 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) NO TOUCH
    SHIPPED ddog - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SpeedyGT - 3 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH (ship sweden)
    sham - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH (ship UK)
    divadiow - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH (ship UK)
    SHIPPED odyssey - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SuperMatty - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED Glyn - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED Dip**** - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    Rush - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED nthai - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    gargoyle - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED jumman - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH (ship Spain)
    brian - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED durbin - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    CedMan - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    davey-fl - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    SHIPPED spyhunter - - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    guru_del - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    tbdombrosky - 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH
    hapoo - 7" indash touchscreen if possible, otherwise 1 618GL-70NP(XGA) TOUCH

    Also if you need another lilliput screen like one of the Indash RCA only or 618GL-70NP(XGA) w/o touchscreen, post so I can call them and see if i can get prices on those too.

    Manufacturer Link for 618GL-70NP(XGA)

    Manufacturer Link for NW-560ID (the indash one)

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    so we have until december 8 to order them from you for $230 shipped?
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      definitely interested, i want the in dash housing though
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        I will call them about price of the indash model. originally I wanted to just do the one I wanted but if we get enough people that want the indash, I can accomodate too.


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          guitar, i edited description. last day is Nov 19th (day before I leave)


          • #6
            I will probably be interested. Sign me up
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            256MB 266DDR Ram
            90GB Wester Digital
            Bluetooth/Deluo GPS
            Lilliput 7" Touchscreen
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              I am intersted

              I am very interested, let me know when to make payment. I might want more than one.
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                andy, how many shall I put you down for hehe. I need a number for everyone that wants to reserve so I know approx how many to buy when I'm over there.


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                  If this is the monitor that is 450 NITS, or "bright as hell" with the touchscreen. Has there been any taken apart yet so we can know the size of the guts?
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                    anyone have a link to the indash model i have not seen this
                    92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

                    93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

                    90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)


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                      I'm interested in one at this price. It would make a nice x-mas gift to myself.

                      Does shipping stay at $10 if you order two? I might convice my roommate to buy one.

                      Also, what happens when you come back. Will customs not charge you, just curious?

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                        I am Definately in. When would we receive them?


                        • #13
                          odyssey, i'm not bringing like $10,000 of stuff in. from my past trips there is an allowance of $800 per person in goods purchased abroad. I can get it in

                          I approxiamted shipping at about $10 for one. I'll quote you for additional. prob like $5 more per is my guess.

                          I will take payment when I return on the 8th and then ship them out that week. the current signup list is just for reserving one so I know how many to purchase.


                          • #14
                            oh yea the indash:


                            i think digitalww also has some more pics of it.

                            I'll have to get pricing for ya about the indash


                            • #15
                              hmm digitalww has another indash. dunno if it's a lilliput though. digitalww's doesn't say lilliput on the bezel. *shrug* i'll be getting pricing for the lilliput indashes anyway