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FS: P4 Carputer Setup

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  • FS: P4 Carputer Setup


    Case: INWIN w/ 180watt power supply
    Mobo: ECS P4S5MG
    Processor: P4/1.8GHz | 512K
    Memory: 256mbs DDR
    HD: MAXTOR 40gig 7200rpm
    Video: 3dfx AGP 3000 w/ svideo out
    CDROM: 12x24x12x CDRW (i had it lying around, so thats what i used, heh)

    The setup is micro atx case/mobo, comes already put together with operating system installed, Windows XP

    i can also include my radio shack power inverter and all cables I used to set it up if buyer wants it... 20' monster cable (rca connection, for video), audio cables, power lines, fuze/box.

    asking $250 + shipping

    [email protected]

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    i did my carputer setup b/c my gf was a 6 hour drive away, and I'd have some boring trips three times a month. But now shes transfering to my college and I dont need this anymore Btw i'm selling my 7' screen in another thread


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      thats a pretty big screen ya got
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        I'd like to know how he got that in his dash!
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          7'' (inch)



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            Pic of the unit?
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              i'll post one tonight when i get back to my place


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                sorry i got real busy, i'll post the pics as soon as i get a chance


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                  I'm interested if you can show me some pics. And have you sold the screen yet?
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                    Originally posted by riddle14
                    I'm interested if you can show me some pics. And have you sold the screen yet?

                    do ya'll wanna see pics of the accessories i mentioned in the first post? I can ship it out the same business day if i get the money before 2pm central (I work at night)


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                      i forgot to mention, the cdrw is missing the face plate, i know its around here somewhere... it was getting spray painted black, but i never got around to it