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FS : 3D Render Card - ART VPS - PURE P1800 PCI

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  • FS : 3D Render Card - ART VPS - PURE P1800 PCI

    For sale one brand new and never used 3D redering card. This is a competion win so its suplus to requirments.

    Looking for £1500 plus postage to where ever ( trackable ). I have Paypay how ever we can use Escrow if any one wants this.

    Heres the specs

    Now there's no virtual in reality. With PURE, your images are so realistic you can replace photography. With PURE, there's no megabuck render farm to buy or rent to render your work. PURE is on-board your workstation. And there is certainly no trade-off - on this one PCI card, eight of ART's dedicated ray tracing processors render your work faster, better and more affordably than any other rendering solution.
    Together with ART's RenderPipe for Maya plug-in, RenderPipe MAX for 3dsmax or 3D Studio VIZ, PURE completes a very high performance desktop 3D rendering system. Running under Windows NT and Windows 2000, it's truly plug and play. An investment in PURE leverages your existing skills, your software and your hardware. It's your personal photorealism solution.

    PURE, ARTís new product line is a revolutionary PCI 3D ray traced rendering board for graphics workstations. With a rendering speed of 12X over software-basedray tracing, the simple, easy to use RenderPipe interfaces, and its low cost, PURE is the most efficient high quality 3D rendering solution available. PURE is based around an array of eight of ARTís unique AR350 ray tracing graphics processors. The AR350 is the only 3D chip capable of accelerating the complex, physically based ray traced rendering algorithm. Each AR350 features a geometry co-processor for performing ray/triangle intersection calculations and an end-user-programmable shading co-processor for performing highly flexible shading and lighting calculations. With eight AR350 chips, the PURE P1800 is capable of performing over 1.1 Billion ray/triangle intersection tests each second.

    Some other links after these screen shots of rendered images...


    My Project Site

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    Is the card still available? I might be interested....

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Best Regards,



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      Its gone I am affraid.

      My Project Site