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WTB: 7-10 inch bright LCD screen (sunlight viewable) with controller

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  • WTB: 7-10 inch bright LCD screen (sunlight viewable) with controller


    I'm building my car PC and need a bright screen with a lot of nits so I can easily see it thoughout the day. I would like it to be 7-10 inches in size and preferably widescreen 16:9. I plan on hooking it to my VIA-M1000 using the VGA connector on the board.

    Respond here or through PM.

    Kind regards,

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    i have a 9inch widescreen LCD. I'm not sure about the nit rating i believe its 300nit. Its viewable in direct sunlight just barely though but the spot i placed it direct sunlight hardly hit it. If you're still looking let me know or want to get more info
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      Lilliputs for sale.

      This is a new black Lilliput with touchscreen. 400nits VGA,
      I'm selling these for $290 plus $20 shipping.
      PM me if anyone is interested.
      EDIT: Too good to be true for now. These are currently on hold.

      Touch Screen
      On Screen Display Control
      Full function infrared remote control
      For PC, Server, GPS, and various VGA Use, Compatible with DVB/SDVD/DVD/VCD and security camera display
      VGA input (15 pin D-SUB)
      S-video input optional
      Audio Input
      Speaker built-in
      PAL/NTSC multi-system, 2 video inputs
      High resolution display - up to 1024x768 (HxV) formatted
      CE approved

      Screen Size: Diagonal 7"
      15:9 Aspect Ratio
      Supported Resolution: 1024 x 768 (HxV)
      Dot Resolution: 2400(H) x 480(V) = 1,152,000 (dots)
      LCD Brightness (w/o Touchscreen)*: 400 cd/m2
      Display Brightness (w/ Touchscreen): 280 cd/m2
      Viewing Angle:
      Touch Screen Interface: USB port
      Operating Voltage: DC 11-13V
      Power Consumption: <9W
      Operating Temperature:
      Dimension (mm): 188W x 125H x 33D


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        hey wonderworm, reply to your other post...
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          I dont think he will reply anymore...... and in that case he does not seem to be a reliable source
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            so true, so true. Darn good deal though...
            Project "Media-Z" : 99 Camaro Z28 (Click to View)


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              Originally posted by kiztope
              so true, so true. Darn good deal though...

              Sorry guys. I'm having a little trouble with my supplier, so these are on hold until I can get some. It may be few weeks.