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For Sale HP Ipaq H2215 Pocket PC

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  • For Sale HP Ipaq H2215 Pocket PC

    I'm selling my Pocket PC because I'm broke and need the money really bad. I bought it 4 months ago at Compusa for around $420, it's in like new working condition, I still have all the original packaging and it's contents which are listed below. Also I will include a USB Belkin Bluetooth (100 meter range version) adapter which can be used to comunicate with the integrated Bluetooth on the PDA. I would like to sell everything for $280.00 shipped to anywhere in the USA.
    link to the PDA specs.......

    Belkin Bluetooth link......

    Package contents.
    HP iPAQ h2215 Pocket PC
    USB desktop cradle/charger
    AC adapter, battery, and charger adapter
    slip case
    getting started poster
    HP iPAQ Pocket PC Companion CD
    Attached Files

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    I am in no way related to this seller, but I thought I would help him out a little by saying that I have the 2215, and I absolutely love it. I can no longer imagine a day that I didn't have it. I also have a Bluetooth USB dongle so you can surf the web and listen to streaming shoutcast servers from it.

    Great product, and at that price a steal!!
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      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I love it too but unfortunately I have to part with it.


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        If I didn't have mine already I would have bought yours. Mine, after taxes was $630 Canadian, and I bought my USB dongle(300m) when I was at Fry's in Vegas for $60US (so about $90CA), so in total that would have cost me $720CA, and you are selling yours for $280US(around $370CA, about 1/2 price it cost me), Good deal!

        In fact, I may tell a friend of mine about it!
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