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For Sale: Nexdisplay LC. Mini PC inc LCD + Touchscreen

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  • For Sale: Nexdisplay LC. Mini PC inc LCD + Touchscreen

    Hi all, I recently bought a NexDisplay LC (by Javelin Systems) POS (Point Of Sale) machine in the hopes to use the 12.5" LCD and touchscreen in my future carputer project. Unfortunately the LCD controller is built into the all-in-one motherboard as is the touchscreen controller.
    Good news is that apparantly the Samsung LCD screen has a laptop type plug and it is possible to somehow make it work on a normal video port, however I recommend just keeping it all in one piece.

    Some info on it:
    - Second hand
    - Windows 95 with all drivers etc working fine
    - 133mhz CPU
    - 2.1gb laptop hdd
    - 64mb ram
    - Active matrix tft lcd, 12.5"
    - ELO systems touch screen
    - 2x cat-5 com ports
    - parallel (printer) port
    - cat-5 (utp) ethernet port
    - floppy port
    - keyboard port (ps2)
    - Video D-type plug input
    - Fully self contained and reliable

    It has a couple of paint scratches on the lower left hand side of the front face and a few scratches on the back. Purely cosmetic scratches and they dont go deep.
    Also, for some odd reason the top right hand corner (about 1cm x 1cm) of the touchscreen works intermittently. I am guessing it needs to be configured properly or something as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt (maybe its my fat fingers? haha).

    I am selling the computer itself, plus the base, a power cord and a long vga cable (both ends male).

    At the moment the whole thing is worth over $2,000 new and there are a couple selling on ebay for a minimum of US$500, although I have only found the model lower than mine on ebay that has a smaller LCD/touchscreen and the PC isnt as fast.

    I am looking to sell this for US$550 plus shipping + handling. "First in best dressed".
    I live in Sydney, Australia and would prefer to ship national, however I dont mind shipping international provided you are willing to pay for insurance also as I make no gaurantees on its safe passage to you.

    This is a special offer to people on this board, I will also be putting the item on ebay in a week with a starting price at US$600.

    Pictures of the NexDisplay LC below (sorry about the dodgy quality pics, its a REALLY old dig camera!):

    Car PC v1 - 1999 - 2000
    DOS 6.22 - MPXF - 2x16 LCD - 6.4GB
    Car PC v2 - 2002 - 2006
    XP - 7" wide/touch - GPS - Tank batt relay - 100GB
    Car PC v3 - 2008
    XP - 7" wide/touch - GPS - 802.11g - FM/XM - OBDII - WWW

    [||||||||||||||----] 80% complete