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FS: Morex DC-DC from Cubid Case $35

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  • FS: Morex DC-DC from Cubid Case $35

    I have the Morex DC-DC power supply AND power transformer from my Cubid 2699R case for sale. Asking price is $35 shipped to anywhere in the continential USA. I will ship other places but at whatever the shipping rates are for your location.

    I have bought and sold things on here in the past (people here know me) and I try to ship things the day of payment or the day after. My eBay user ID is fusionP5 and I have all positive feedback.

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    Got a picture?
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      I just remembered that the power wire I was using was cut for the application I used it in. If you want it in one piece I can solder and shrink tube it, or just leave it as it is for you to work on it as you wish.


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        I'll give 30. shipped to Vermont