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FS on EBAY: Intermec Pen Tablet Computers

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  • FS on EBAY: Intermec Pen Tablet Computers

    I'm selling these industrial pen tablets on ebay, because I've had no time to be able to use them. I was planning on using one as a carputer and the other as a robotics platform, but other projects have taken over of course.

    They both work. One has a AC power supply, and the other has a 12 volt power supply (the mobile docking station has 12 volt input). Need a fresh install of windows.

    There are spaces inside the case for GPS reciever and wireless network. The gps reciever is an oem model that is still available. I believe it was an Ashtech G8, but now they have a newer model that would also work.

    The screens are monochrome as seen in the pictures. But they would be great for mp3s and would work fine for just about anything. Movies would probably not look that great though.

    Most of the important info is in the auction description, and you can find all the information you want on these by searching 'Norand Intermec 6640' on google.

    With mobile docking station:

    Still setting it all up:
    FV24 with celeron 900, super tiny custom case, Datalux 10.4 touch screen in the Subaru Outback

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    if the price don't climb too much, this is interesting...