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FS: Epia 800 w/ 256MB RAM

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  • FS: Epia 800 w/ 256MB RAM

    epia 800 for sale, with 256MB of suitable RAM, i'd like about 60 for it....
    ( would be 128.91 new )

    EPIA800 motherboard with 256MB of PC133 RAM

    Ideal for use in area's when this board's tiny size really helps ( 17cm x 17cm )

    Virtually silent fan on CPU - due to C3 architecture

    Audio Onboard ( with digital out ), Graphics onboard ( with svid and composite out ) 4 USB ports, and 100mbit LAN

    Detailed Info:

    Contained in original box with driver disc - motherboard is in mint condition - only occasional desktop use - and i've always observed static protection precautions when handling it.
    IDE100 cable included
    BIOS has been updated to latest version

    Current new prices for reference: (inc VAT)

    EPIA800 (81.08 from currently)
    256MB RAM (47.83 from currently)

    128.91 for this new

    Link: - The UK CarPC Forum