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wtb osd for DiCON LCD1024E

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  • wtb osd for DiCON LCD1024E

    I have the cable, I need the buttons! any one help me?

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    Originally posted by outragis
    I have the cable, I need the buttons! any one help me?
    anyone know where I can get one???


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      I may not end up using mine. But I'd want to hang on to it for a few months until I'm done installing, just to be sure.

      It would be easy to make one.


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        will you make one for me if I pay you?


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          Yeah, I guess I could do that. Let me think about it a bit.


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            BTW, I'm assuming that the OSD control is the same for the 1280EI. Do you have the datasheet for the 1024E so I can compare?

            I took a quick look for the connector, but didn't find one by the manufacturer listed in the datasheet (Yeonho), but I'm sure I can find one that fits. It would be cheaper and easier if you don't mind cutting the cable and soldering it directly to the board.

            Buttons like the ones I have on my Dicon OSD board are cheap and easy to get. But you could pick any button you like.

            Bill of materials is:

            1 small board
            5 buttons
            1 two color LED
            a few little jumper wires


            That's like $10 in materials.

            Now I could do it for you if you want. I'll be ordering some stuff to finish my project soon. I could add in your parts, then put this together for you. If you are in no hurry (won't be bugging me for it until at least 6 weeks has past), I'd just do it in my spare time for nothing.

            If you want me to do this right away, it would cost you.


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              I have the wire, from the motherboard, and I have an osd from a broken mag lcd, and I have the data sheet,,, let me know where to send and how much to send with it...