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MUST SELL!! Sharp LQ10DX01 LCD, controller, inverter, cable *CHEAP*

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  • MUST SELL!! Sharp LQ10DX01 LCD, controller, inverter, cable *CHEAP*

    I am looking to get rid of this screen ASAP. I honestly don't know much about it, other than it works. This is the information I have:

    LCD: Sharp LQ10DX01 10.4"
    Inverter: (I think) ERG PN#E1558
    Controler: Dolch PitViper 535 (Chips & Tech 65535)

    There is another associated board with this. It connects the inverter, LCD, and controller together. The only thing on this board that indicates anything is the Dolch part number, which after a VERY exaustive search on the internet over the past few YEARS I have been unable to find any information on it. It has come to my attention, however, that this screen is touch capable.
    I have had this screen and the associated hardware for many years now and I had intended to use it for my own in-car computer project. Unfortunately, I am unable to even begin this project for financial and practical reasons.
    I have seen this screen sell for $300, not including the other hardware. I am asking $275, although this price is negotiable.

    Please email me at mike(at) if you are interested. I have better pictures of the screen and all hardware, which I can email upon request. PLEASE HELP ME GET RID OF THIS!

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    Picture of LCD

    Whoops! The picture didn't show up. Let's try this again:


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      A couple more things...

      The controller is an ISA card, although I don't remember how much RAM. With downloaded drivers on 98 and NT I have been able to get this working 640x480 @ 16bit, and 800x600 @ 256 colors. The screen is capable of 1024x768.


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        Contact information

        You may also contact me @ mbrandons(at) or by yahoo messenger at mbrandons.