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WTB good microphone + mini wirless keyboard/mouse

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  • WTB good microphone + mini wirless keyboard/mouse

    What would be a GOOD mic for the car? So I wont have to have it close to me?

    And i need a new keyboard and maybe mouse. Must be little and wireless

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    I think that the mics from Plantronics are a good choice, due to the noise reduction factor , here is the link


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      have you tried them? i want something I can put maybe in ash tray or my sun wisor which would pick up on my voice well.


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        Im using the audio 90 headset from them (they will use the same mic on many of their models) , never tried inside a car, but the pc sounds like a jet cabin here and the mic records whit little noise.

        Dunno how it will respond if you put the mic in the sun visor , but it`s the nearest place also, or maybe behind the steering wheel so you dont have to aim your voice high.