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FA UK EBay:MCE 2004,PVR ,Sky, Freeview, Internet, MP3, And More

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  • FA UK EBay:MCE 2004,PVR ,Sky, Freeview, Internet, MP3, And More

    Not really mp3car related but sort of close....

    Details here as its for sale on EBay how ever I may consider part trade of an Xbox if any one is intrested.

    Currently 750 ( But reserve not far away ) and a buy it now of 1099.

    To be honest the reserve only covers the cost of the hardware and not my time etc.

    Thanks for the intrest.


    The Ultimate PVR Machine Can Be Yours Today !!!
    PVR ( Sky, Analogue, DTT ( Freeview )) with Web control, Share recorded TV across your LAN, Internet, DVD, MP3, CD, Divx, FM Radio, x10 compatibility and more... Looks Just Like A HIFI Separate

    Want Sky Plus but its costs too much ? Looked at the PACE Twin and decided that that's just not enough ? Then this is the unit you want. You can access the net, watch TV and... well loads... ( see above ). The system runs on Microsoft Media Center 2004 which is the latest version available how ever you will need your own licence for this although I will supply the unit as is as there is a lot of work to configure it from out of the box.

    Why am I selling it ? Well when I have time I will be updating my web site with this project and how it was built but it was built mainly just to do it and to do it well.

    So what do you get ? Well below is pictures of each item. Most are hard to come by and some have been imported from around the world just to build the best, read it all then decide... there is loads because its a comprehensive system.... oh and if you don't like MCE then you can you the freely available myHTPC... which is very good in its self. Please note this unit comes with a CD Rom only how ever just add a DVD for 9 or more from Ebay ( Click here ) for a fully featured DVD player.***

    The basic spec is :
    AMD2600+ CPU - Faster Than The New MSI !!!;

    512Mb Ram;

    200 GB 7200rpm Hard drive ( Sky Plus is 40gb ) with hard drive cooler;

    Custom Media Center Remote and sensors;

    A custom x10 remote which control other devices like your TV;

    The capture card is a OEM version supplied only to PC's makers by ATI.

    So why this and not Sky Plus or the PACE twin ? With Sky Plus you can be charged up to 10 a month just for the recording function.... with this its free via Microsoft Media Center. With the PACE Twin you only get up to 10hrs of recording time... with its 200GB disk you get far more than that with this unit... and compared to both which can only record TV this unit beats them both hands down.

    Use the Buy Now Option Before Any One Else Gets This Before You And I'll Include Postage In the UK For Free!!!

    Please note that due to a new member of family due any time I may be slightly delayed in replying to any questions - don't panic I will. Also I will consider Escrow if the fees are shared but my preferred method is Pay Pal. Check out my Feed back and you will see that I am not a fly by night which means I will only send the unit out using a Traceable and insured carrier eg the Post Office - this tracking number will be emailed to the winner. Remember - your not just buying a TV recorder here... for the cost of a normal home PC your getting far more for your money.
    My Project Site