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  • FS:Upgraded Kiosk

    Selling my Kiosk $475+nonprofit UPS shipping
    includes the following upgrades:
    Powerleap 1.4 celeron
    512mb kingston memory(lifetime warrenty)
    sound card
    stock 20gb hd
    works awesome and is super fast compared to the stock version.

    I will throw in:
    the stock memory and cpu
    win98 second edition on Original cd's
    Macfee anti-virus on cd

    with my second kid here now I just can't afford these toys anymore

    I also have a dvd drive the sr8186 smooth slot loading with the correct connector,ide cable, and molex connector for $85+5sh via usps if you need more info just search for sr-8186 the dvd is ready and set up so all you have to do is plug it in, perfect if you want to build your own face plate.

    for all interested I'm posting pictures latter this weekend, I no longer have my digicam so back to film and the stone age.

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    interested in the dvd. post pictures please


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      Originally posted by l4tran
      interested in the dvd. post pictures please
      Originally posted by petesonline
      if you need more info just search for sr-8186


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        pictures for the whole system
        ALIBABA - I30 99
        Nemiah M10000, C134
        DVD, 40Gig, 256MB DDR
        GPS, OBD 2, Reverse Cam
        Mute on stereo w I300 car kit
        Liliput 7in w usb touch screen
        Direct connect with BOSE-CD changer


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          40MB HARD DRIVE?!?!?!?!?!

          How old is that thing?

          Just kidding. I'm sure you ment 40Gig.
          Aura MR62 (F and R)
          My Current MP3s