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FS: Complete plug and play carputer setup!

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  • FS: Complete plug and play carputer setup!


    I have a complete carputer setup that is brand new and has never been used.Everything is installed and tested 100%. All items here are brand new and have never been installed in a car or used for anything other than testing. I will sell everything for $500.00 shipped! Try and get one like this for less than that including software!

    Motherboard - VIA EPIA M10000 (1.0GHz Fan less CPU with CLE 266 chipset) MOBO specs here

    Case - Morex 3688b (Comes with 60w DC-DC power supply) Case specs here

    Hard Drive - Fujitsu 15GB 2.5" Hard Drive (5200 rpm)

    CD Rom - IBM 24x CD rom (ultra thin laptop drive)

    Memory (RAM) - 2, 256MB PC3200 DRAM (CL2, 3.3v)

    Voltage regulator and shutdown sequencer - ITPS Voltage regulator and power shutdown sequencer for car. ITPS Specs here

    Keyboard - USB illuminated Mini Keyboard, specs

    Bluetooth hardware - Linksys/Cisco USB Bluetooth receiver, specs

    Operating System - Windows XP Professional

    Other Software Installed - Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, Microsoft Map quest 2004 US edition, WINZIP, WINDVD 5, DIVIX 5.5 player, Winamp 5.0, Windows Media Player 9, WIN IRC (infared control), PC Remote software and more

    Video output cable - Stinger Professional shielded video cable

    Audio out cable - Stinger Professional shielded Audio Cable

    Remote control - Packard Bell Fast Media computer remote control, Specs here


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    you have a PM.

    how much for ITPS?


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      not selling parts...only whole


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        $500 shipped? What about to Canada?


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          does this come with an LCD?


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            I am not shure about Canada...Iwill have to see

            No this does not come with an LCD..only what is listed in the add and shown in the picture!


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              So it's not really a complete plug and play system, huh?


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       is a complete plug and play system with your monitor! Plug the computer in to your screen, and walla!