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400MHz Kiosk, not working...

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  • 400MHz Kiosk, not working...

    I ordered this, pulled it out, hooked it up to a power supply and it did not work. The fans come on but that is it. I have no idea what components are good and what components are not. There is a 10.4" LCD screen with a touch controller. It also has a 6GB laptop hard drive, an ethernet PCMCIA card, etc. You can find out all the specs on the system in the thread where they are being sold. I figured one of you guys could either use some parts, could use the screen, could use the touch screen or might want to try and track down the problem.

    $65+shipping via your choice of carrier

    Any takers?

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    I'll take it... pm me your address so I can send money order, I figure on $85. shipped via Fedex...