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FS Carputer Kit 10.4 LCD and AMD 1900+

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  • FS Carputer Kit 10.4 LCD and AMD 1900+

    This is a one time chance to get a carputer kit for one low price of $400. that is what most 10.4" flip down screens cost. You can have the whole system for that price. You could spend hours trying to find all these parts and spend way more on shipping from multiple sources. I have brought together almost everything you need. All you need besides this kit is a power inverter (I recommend a pure sine wave power inverter because computers demand highly regulated power) a hard drive, a fan for the processor, a composite video cable, and a case of some kind. A case can easily be made from Plexiglas. You get everything pictured which I will describe later plus a 400 Watt max micro atx power supply. Dimensions approximately (5.5x6x3.25) inches. Also included are the instruction manuals and drivers for the motherboard and video card. The 10.4Ē screen and TV tuner also come with manuals as well as picture as how to hook it up.

    Another great feature of this kit is it is very easy to add a navigation system designed to hook up through USB to a laptop. For around $100 you can get the receiver and mapping software on eBay. look under GPS Delorme. Plus you can add a camera to see behind or underneath your car look for wireless camera aslo at ebay. All components are standard type components unlike the Via Neimeiah small computers you can replace the cpu, motherboard, and any other component in case any components fail or you want to upgrade in the future. Also you get a much superior processor than the wimpy 1ghz that the Via comes with. Plus it is easy to upgrade to a dvd cd burner so you can have the total multimedia package in your vehicle try that with the neimeiah.

    Everything you get is:

    A Brand new NEC 10.4Ē OEM LCD module with all electronics and cables needed to make it work. Donít be fooled by others who sell screens without the boards to make them work and all cables to hook it up. the cables aren't pictured but are included. They are worthless without them. Also included with the screen is a TV tuner so you can hook it up to cable TV. Plus a remote control for the unit and a manual for the screen and TV tuner plus pictures of how to hook it up.

    A used OEM Pioneer slot feed DVD player so you can play DVDís.

    A new 10/100 Ethernet card so you can easily transfer data like mp3ís and movies from your home computer to this one.

    A used 256mb stick of nanya pc2100 DDR ram.

    A new SIS 315 256 bit 4x agp graphics card with 64 mb of internal ram and composite video out so you can hook it up to the LCD screen. Also included are drivers for the card and an instruction manual

    A new MSI MS-6367 Micro ATX motherboard with an Athlon XP 1900+ processor that is 9.6 inches square so it can be custom installed in a very small area.

    Also included is an ATX 400w max power supply and power cord.

    email me for Pics or with questions. I may consider selling some parts seperate. Thanks for looking Neal Miller [email protected]
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      what is the model # on the back of the lcd panel?