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  • WTB: Complete or Almost Complete System


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    Corsair 256MB PC2700 XMS Platinum Heatspreader CMX256A-2700C2PT XMS2702v1.3 $40 Shipped
    Pioneer DEH7600MP, Autotek MX-800.4, JL Audio XR650-CSi, Adire Audio Shiva

    Done with CarPCs, using a iPaq 3765 PDA w/ Holux GM210 and TomTom


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      hi i have a computer made just for car.... System Specs:

      Celeron 750MHZ
      128MB PC133
      20GB Hard drive. Mounted on a shock proof mount to protect against vibration, and bumps.
      12" TFT LCD accepting VGA Input.
      LCD Controller Card
      On-Board Speaker
      VGA Out
      2 X USB Ports
      Paralel Port
      2 X PS/2 Ports
      1 Open PCI Slot
      Floppy Drive
      Speaker Out
      4 IDE Chanels (2 connectors)
      No optical drives.
      Built in KeyBoard and Touch mouse.
      Water resistant.

      The system can operate on 12-36V DC, or 100-230V AC. Perfect for a car. It comes with the OEM copy of windows 98, and mother board drivers. I have xp pro on it now.

      It has a built in UPS/Surge protector. Also great for a car since they don't provide a very clean signal. It was designed to be as rugged as possible for field use. It weighs in around 40LBS due to the steel enclosure. I was planning on modding it into a clear case, add a USB touch screen, and an optical drive. I removed the HSF and added Artic Silver, it runs at room temp under load now. The LCD and controller card are worth about $250, the power supply and UPS is also woth about $320. I will take $500 OBO plus shipping. Remember it is pretty heavy. I may take trades depending on what it is.