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    Hi everyone, I've been cruising these forums for a while, picking up bits and pieces for the last couple of months. I've come to the following conclusion: I dearly want to put a carputer in my new car, however, due to my work and my family responsibilities for the next few months (busy summer) I will be unable to build/program one for myself. I had a very good friend of mine recently have to back out of helping me design one due to his own work taking up too much of his time.

    Here's where you come in.

    I'm looking for a complete system, with all necessary software and hardware. As for installation into the car, I'll take care of that. Your expertise would be required to build and prepare the system to function in my car (2005 Subaru STI) Most likely I'll be purchasing an aftermarket headunit to wire the system into an aux input, unless someone tells me otherwise.

    Ideally, the system would be capable of the following:
    Startup/shutdown controlled by ignition
    GPS navigation (voice recognition?)
    DVD playback
    MP3 Playback
    Multiple camera inputs with ability to record video
    Touchscreen interface (frodoplayer? mediacar?) with a suitable skin (I'm a sucker for aesthetics)
    WI-FI with netstumber (always a plus)
    XM Radio?
    Any suggestions for a more complete system appreciated.

    As for the payment details, I am willing to pay for your services with a set fee, with as well as bonuses for quality/nice service etc etc. For all necessary hardware/software, I will provide all funding to get this to work, so design a solid system and I'll front the cash

    Lastly, I live in Montreal Canada and have an address in the States, so shipping isn't a huge problem, but the closer you live to Canada the easier things would be I think, not a requirement but just a bonus.

    If you're interested in this proposition and would like to hear more, please shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] with the subject "Carputer Proposal" to give me an idea of what you can put together and your required budget. If I like what I see, we can hopefully get on the phone and discuss things further.


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    Thank you to those that responded, the position has been filled.


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      Would be cool if you post details on what the final system is composed of (sw and hw) since it sounds like you are going all out. I would be interested in what the Carputer concept would be capable of when taken as far as the current technology will allow, and how smoothly it operates.
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        I'll be sure to do that Supermike, I'm going for a stable system above all, and I've enlisted the help of a very professional and knowledgable member of these boards. I look forward to showcasing the results



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          Just picked up my 2005 Legacy Gtd Ltd. this weekend. Interested in the same.