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FS: Complete Carputer w/ Touchscreen

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  • FS: Complete Carputer w/ Touchscreen

    I am selling my complete system because I got rid of the car it was going in and to many projects new house, ect.. So this what it includes:

    IBM Net Case
    Epai M10000 Motherboard
    CDRW drive
    512Mb Ram
    30 Gb Hdd
    7" tuochscreen Xenarc 700TS
    Half completed Matrso 3.5 dc-dc kit
    Couple of long cables VGA, serial

    Contact me, my offer is $550 obo

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    killer deal,
    too bad i got all i need or i would be all over it.


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      You have a pm


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        Here is the complete system. In working order. The cddrive is a 32X12X40. The mastro needs the dead power supply parts (look in the dc-dc section for the reason) The Mastro it does contain a ton of extra parts from maxium and wilson, I think I over ordered the extra. Guess what, you can figure it out It is missing one cap, the 2200uf 25V, according to Mastero the Radio Shack 2200uf 35V will work. it will cost you less than a buck for it.
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          Added benefits

          When I posted this, I had forgotten that I have the intec 5" screen. It comes NIB never used and it also comes with its own chopped off VGA cable. You figure out if you can use it or not. If you buy the original carputer, I will add this for a extra $40. If not than I will sell it alone for $50. I think it is fair, considering I have seen these sell for over $100 on ebay.
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            I sent you a PM with an offer, let me know.

            You can AIM me at dunderchief236