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ipod mini, offer, (mods please delete if inappropriate)

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  • ipod mini, offer, (mods please delete if inappropriate)

    not sure where, this goes, but i might as well try it, many people have tried this, and someone on this board posted this up, and i have talked to many people, and it has worked,

    if you are like me and don't want to take a risk, get a prepaid credit card, and sign up for the video professor, video for 7 dollars, or something else.

    i can post links, to other forum, where people have pposted that they got it.

    ****link removed*****

    give it a shot, we have nothing to loose but time.

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    how many people do you have to get to sign up for it? (step2)


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      what might be controversial about this post is that it's self serving, since you benifit from each person that clicks that link and signs up. I won't do anything until we learn more about the system, how many people you have to refer.
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        1. Receipt of Product

        (a) is a free service and does not guarantee receipt of any product regardless of offers completed or points accumulated.

        (b) will take measures to ensure that the user receives orders within a reasonable amount of time. However, does not make any guarantee on delivery time or availability of product.
        So, you may never recieve one, regardless of what you do.

        4. Being eligible to receive a free iPod

        (a) Users must refer at least 5 friends to the site who must sign up, and correctly complete an offer from the site under the Terms listed above.

        (b) Users must also complete at least one offer themselves.

        (c) A user may not get credit for completing more than one offer. Their referrals must each do 1 offer, totaling 6 offers to be completed (1 by the customer, and 5 offers done by a minimum of 5 referrals).

        (d) Referrals completing more than 1 offer will only count as 1.

        (e) Users may refer more than 5 friends to try and maximize likelihood of getting credit and minimize the time it takes, but cannot receive credit for more than 1 iPod.

        (f) Users may only receive one iPod for their account.

        (g) Users must be residents of the United States.
        car computer rev 5: 8" lilliput and usual suspects


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          ya this is big time spam.. closing the thread and deleting the link
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