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New P4 system which fit into the single din slot

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  • New P4 system which fit into the single din slot

    This is the specs of the mini P4 computer and 7 inch touch screen.
    Intel Pentium 478 socket 533 Mhz motherboard (Max 3Ghz)
    Intel P4 Processor 2.4 Ghz
    256 DDR RAM 333Mhz
    40G Notebook Hard Disk 5400 RPM
    Slim DVD Combo Drive
    USB wireless LAN
    Mini casing
    19vDC adapter
    12vDC to 110-230w AC inverter ( continous 150w)

    Specification of the JPP 7 Inch TFT LCD Monitor with VGA

    16 :9 Wide Screen
    Swing & Flip down Function
    4-Wire Resistive Touch screen (USB Interface)
    Brightness, Contrast, Color, Phase, Clock OSD Adjustable
    Brightness : 300 cd/㎡
    Contrast : 150 :1
    View Angle : L&R 40 , Up 15 , Down 35
    Operating Voltage : DC 12V ~DC14.5V.
    Power Consumption : 12V / 850 mA
    1 VGA Input (D-Sub 15), 2 Video Input, 2 Stereo Audio Input.
    NTSC/PAL Multi-system.
    Support Resolution : 640 480 , 800 600 , 800 480 , 1024 768
    Physical Resolution : 800 (H) 480 (V)
    Dot Resolution : 2400 (RGB) 480 =1,152,000 Dots.
    Storage Temperature : -4F ~ +140F
    Operating Temperature : +32F ~ +122F
    Power : DC 12 ~ 14.5 Volts For Car use
    Dimension (cm) : (Width) 18.3 cm X (Height) 13.1 cm X (Thickness) 2.8 cm

    All this for only USD 1000.00 including shipping
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    sorry! forgot to mention the size of the casing.

    width 17 cm
    height 5.5 cm
    depth 26 cm


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      Nice gear you've bought dude!

      But beware of the depth of the case though. Most cars don't have that much room in their dashboard. Most headunits are only about 17cm deep...
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        Most of the Japanese is suitable for this modification. Because of its small size, it can be modded anywhere ( very convinience)


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          would you sell it without the screen?


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            one more thing, I assume it could take an ATX power supply?


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              The inverter can only take up to continous 150w only.

              If without touch screen, i think it will be around USD 800.00 including shipping.


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                who is the computer made by



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                  The computer is made by taiwanese


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                    Isn't everything? tracker92 wants to know what company makes it, not what country it's made in.
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                      This new system is going to be launch next month. But for now it is called TOMCAT.


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                        1. What form factor is the mobo?
                        2. Can you take out other individual components to get the price lower? I.e. take out the DVD drive, RAM, power supply etc.
                        3. Can we see a picture of the motherboard itself?
                        4. Can we adjust a custom resolution (i.e. 800x480) with the video driver?


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                          It is a mini computer which uses the notetype of motherboard. It is a Intel based motherboard. The motherboard comes with the casing and it cannot be separated. And also the power supply. It comes in a set.

                          Yes you can have the option of taking out all the drives and rams. I got the pic of the motherboard but it is not really clear.

                          Yes, you can adjust your resolution from the pc.


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                            I am skeptical, what is edited off of the right front of the "rear view" pic?
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                              the products prototype name. The name is not decided yet. Might be changing it.

                              It is due to realeased at the end of the month.