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FS/WTB:PRICE DROPS! UPDATED ! Raid, smartmedia, ti4200, Explor4.0, Sata, digis,+ more

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  • FS/WTB:PRICE DROPS! UPDATED ! Raid, smartmedia, ti4200, Explor4.0, Sata, digis,+ more

    WTB List
    1. (MOST WANTED) GPS Software or map software (original or copies)
    2. (MOST WANTED) Carputer stuff -except mobo and cpu
    4. Ext. Enclosure with usb 2.0 and fan. Nice chipset a must.
    5. Hard drives less than 40 bucks.
    6. Video cards less than 10 bucks (tnt2, etc.)Winxp Compatible.
    7. Anything you have to offer thats interesting
    NOT LOOKING for sound cards, mice, monitors, cases, ac psus, cpus, big hds.

    1. Items are firm, unless stated, if you to think my price is too high, pm me
    2. I do not ship first to people under 50 heat
    3. I ship usps parcel/Fedex but i do priority for 1.50 more
    4. All items ship with dc confirmation
    5. I do check and recheck heatware refs for my protection
    6. All items carry a fully fuctional and NON-DOA protection
    7. I check/test all my hardware before i ship.

    Palm m130, was a brand new store display at 219 bucks, bought it like 6 months ago. Comes with box, cds,
    manuals, docking station, and EXTRA BONUS pda starter kit with 2-1 stylus, screen protectors, leather
    case, arsoft software, screen cleaners, never used (the bonus). Now $79 Shipped
    [L=Pic 1][/L]
    [L=Pic 2][/L]

    Samsung dvd/cd/vhs combo players Brand new, used 2 times works perfect. Have manuals and
    cables, remote, etc, except the box. $69 + Shipping

    Pic Coming!!!!!

    NMB Fan, it's ac and blows a crap load of air. Much more than 100cfm but alot noiser
    while at it. It's the noiset fan i have ever heard. It can be quiet with some resistors
    It's AC. Used once to test it out (i thought it was a dc fan). Now $6 Shipped

    Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti4200 64mb, Leadtek 250 le, huge heatsink, never overclocked,
    excellent condition, for more info here is a
    Now $64 Shipped
    [L=Pic 1][/L]
    [L=Pic 2][/L]

    Kingston 64mb smartmedia card. Brand new, used 1 time for testing $21 Shipped

    Kodak dx6340 Digital Camera, 3.1 megapixel, 4x optical, 14x total, 16mb memory, 1.8inch screen
    not your average kodak camera, this one features that kick butt german lens. Brand new, in
    box, never used. Now $219 Shipped
    [L=Pic 1][/L]
    [L=Pic 2][/L]

    Olympus c-900 digital camera. 3x optical, 1.3megapixel with 70 dollar water proof case,
    and box (case box), both made and bought in japan, camera is in english. Also comes with
    case for the camera. Excellent condition. Pictures are great.Few scratchs on screen.
    $79 Shipped
    [L=Pic 1][/L]
    [L=Pic 2][/L]

    Hp psc 750 printer/scanner/copier. Looks new. Printer works excellent, not sure how much color
    or black ink is left but seems plentyful, the scanner doesn't work thus it won't copy. Scanner
    turns on makes some noise, moves a little, but doesn't scan the full page.

    Pics Coming!!!!!

    Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 with tilt wheel, 800dpi, new, never used, excellent condition.
    Now $23 Shipped-------Pending

    Promise sata 150 tx2 plus pci to sata card. Excellent condition with box, manuals, cds,
    ide cable, 2 sata cables. etc. Used 2 times Now $38 Shipped

    Promise fastrack RAID sata 150 tx2 card. Supports up to 2 sata drives at raid 0/1. Excellent
    condition. Bare card. Now $45 Shipped

    Highpoint Rocket raid 100 card. Boxed, with manual, cds, cables, etc.
    Now $25 Shipped

    Promise fastrack tx2 100 raid card. This one is Half-fuctional. It was in excellent
    condition until I accidently hit one of it's capacitors. So then i superglued it back on
    (yes superglued) and i guess i messed up the contacts because superglue is non conductive
    Well don't have time to mess with it and the capacitor that i messed up might need repacing
    it's the one that i'm pointing at! It turns on fine but and detects but doesn't unable the
    user to setup the config, since i had already put my drives in raid, this card worked
    perfectly for me and was in my system till now. Now $9 Shipped

    Peachtree Accounting 2003- Yes this is open, never used, but registered software. I have
    everything that was included in the box. It was stored away and never used. Looks brand
    new, i just opened the box. $29 Shipped
    Email for pic!

    [email protected]
    NON Free email= [email protected] <---I don't use this one often, first one better

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    Your images aren't showing.

    Try using [IMG]URL HERE[/IMG]

    Like this:
    Current Vehicle: 2007 Dodge Nitro

    Second Vehicle: Sold it :( 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab

    First Vehicle: 2003 Ford Ranger


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      Thanks but i already did that, mp3fourms won't accept because i have too many images, if anyone wants to see the pics, copy and paste. THanks