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  • FS/FT: Lots of Car audio....

    1 x Bostwick DA2000HC. 2000 w rms x 1 @ 1 ohm, 1200 w rms x 1 @ 2 ohm. One of the cleanest big power class d amps I've ever used. I hate to part with it, but I must. - $400

    1 x Bostwick DCL Drag R 12". Same woofer as atomic apocalypse. 1000 w rms rated. Had no problems being burped with 1600-1800 watts. I would not recommend more than about 1200 for daily driving. I used this woofer for competition in SLAP dB stock 1-160 class and did fairly well. It is now actually being used in a SLAP dBq car that has been invited to finals. Quite the versitile woofer. Dual 1 ohm. - $250

    1 x Earthquate PHD-2. 2000 w rms @ 2 ohm. Nothing much to say about this amp. You either love it or hate it. It does some damn good power off a 12v system. Burps at .5 ohm all day long. - $375

    2 x Resonant Engineering SEXXX 10's. Dual 2 ohm. Recommended about 800-1200 w rms per woofer for daily driving. Very clean output from these amazingly efficient woofers. Also will take quite a bit of power for burps. I ran a memphis mojo per woofer at regionals last year with these to do a 151.1 legal on the dash in slap stock 1-160. Very potent spl woofer, but equally awesome in a daily driving music setup. Most efficient 10's I've ever used. - $375

    2 x Resonant Engineering SE 10's. I loved these woofers when I had them in my car. Rated at 600 w rms a piece. They took 2000 to the pair for burps no problem. Both woofers were traded and came back to me blown (beyond me how they did it). Easily reconable by RE. Also can be reconed into SEXXX's if you want. Dual 4 ohm. - $make offer

    1 x MMATS Juggernaut 15". Rated at 1200 w rms. Will take 5x that all day. Probably one of the most beastly woofers you'll see. Just a massive loud beast. Nothing more needs to be said about these. The one that I have left is one of the newer smaller motored subs (same specs througout all generations though). It had a small puncture in the surround. It has been repaired and plays 100%. - $250

    I have pictures of everything upon request. All my equipment is very well taken care of. I have 2890239072304927304987 references upon request. In fact, just check,,,, etc and just ask. You wont find any negative comments at all.

    All prices do not include shipping. Local pick up in southeastern MA is welcome (and your best option if you are close by).

    I am willing to make a trade in full or in part (depending on what you have and want) for the following items...

    PDA - Must be color, have 802.11b wireless, preferably pocket PC (i.e. Ipaq, toshiba e755, dell axim, etc)
    Smartphone - phone/pda combo (ericson p900, XDA II, etc)
    Smaller/Older laptop - Nothing too fancy needed
    Cable/DSL router - preferable one with built in 802.11b wireless
    touchscreen monitor - lilliput 7" or comparable
    laptop HD - >=40gb preferably.

    Bring on the offers

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    BTW, the earthquake is an 02' model and is NOT modded. It still has thermal protection circuitry. Will burp at .5 ohm for full power though.


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      Forgot to add...Will also trade for

      apple airport express WAP
      Larger 3.5" ide HD's (>100 gb) or a couple smaller ones