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FS: SF Bay Area: Optima Yellow Top

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  • FS: SF Bay Area: Optima Yellow Top

    $100 (cash), pick-up or possible delivery (depending on location, obviously). I'm central to the SF Bay Area.

    I just upgraded from a dual-battery system to a tri-battery system w/ two Yellow Top auxiliary batteries. When putting two batteries in parallel, they need to be of equal age and use, so I'm selling my old Yellow Top. It's less than a year old, and just has some scratches on the case. Works fine; I'm actually still using it until I wire the new ones. Great for either primary or auxiliary battery. Will be fully charged when sold.

    If you're going to go to the Bay Area meet on the 28th, we can make the transaction there. Otherwise we'll probably have to work out shipping charges.

    Here's the battery specs:

    Optima Yellow Top Deep Cycle Battery
    Model is D34/78 also called 750U
    Cranking Amps-870
    Cold Cranking Amps-750
    Battery has both Top post and Side terminals for easy installation.
    Dimensions are 10"x 6.8"x 7.8"
    Weight is approx. 43.8 lbs.
    Optima batteries have many advantages that deserve your consideration
    Because of its completely sealed case they don't spill or leak acid
    They can be mounted in almost any position and are maintenance free eliminating the need to add water or clean the terminals
    Optima Batteries are vibration resistant- providing a longer lifespan over traditional batteries
    Each battery contains a handle for easy removal and installation
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    if you would consider shipping one i'd take it

    Motherboard: Epox MATX
    Power: M2-ATX
    Storage: 120gb 3.5"
    Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
    Audio: SB Audigy 2
    GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
    OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
    Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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      let me check on the model # to see if i can use it, how far you'll willing to commute to meet w/ me on this one? i live in san jose and work in livermore